Sweat It Out

I don’t read a lot of blogs but I’ve got a handful I religiously read. They cover three main topics with a general +1 (which is slowly turning into a baby blog) thrown in:

For the most part, I feel like my blog combines a little bit of everything my online friends (and family!) cover. Just not as in depth. You won’t find my daily food intake here. Or how to break down a Cover 2 defense. Or where to query a literary agent. But there are anecdotes here and experiences there that cover my interests from all of the above themes. Except for the baby stories. I don’t have (or want) a baby. Check out Desiree’s blog if you’re looking for that!

I guess all I need now is a blog to follow about traveling and another about growing up and life’s experiences and my blog suddenly becomes a Cliff Notes version of what I regularly read.

Lately though, it seems I’ve neglected the exercising side of things. So let’s fix that!

With moving to Raleigh and starting a new job, my running schedule got thrown completely off. On top of that, the winter months don’t allow for too many daylight hours before and after an 8 hour workday.

Fortunately, my apartment complex has a gym.

Unfortunately, that’s relegated me to running on a treadmill.

In case you didn’t know… I loathe running on a treadmill. The time drags on and on. And the scenery never changes. I’d rather spend an hour running outside than 20 minutes on a treadmill. Even a small track would be welcomed. But nope. I’m stuck with treadmills that have mini fans on them to cool you off and/or simulate a breeze outside. And a TV built in to each one. No lie. How ridiculous is that? It’s crazy to me that some people can’t even exercise without needing something like TV to pass the time.


After moving to Raleigh though, one of the new friends passed a Turkey Trot link to my brother, sister in law, and myself. An 8K one at that. And of course I sign up for it, like a fool. Nothing like going from sitting on the couch to five miles in roughly three weeks. The first week, I was still crashing my brother’s couch so I had someone to run with. And they live in a fairly secluded neighborhood so it’s feasible to run outside. I started with a mile and a half. On hills.

I never claimed that I make smart decisions.

The next week, in my apartment, I bumped it up to 2 miles on the treadmill. I was setting the pace at 10 minute miles, figuring that wouldn’t be too hard to meet. And I struggled through every step taken.

My third week, I kept the distance at 2 miles since the previous week had been rough. I was at least making progress since the distance was more comfortable instead of being borderline torturous. I had originally wanted to get myself near the 5 mile mark but with a week left, I knew there was no way I’d get anywhere close to that. So my updated goal was to hit 2.5 miles, since the rule of thumb is that if you can comfortably run half a race’s distance in training, you should be able to gut out the whole thing on race day.

Long story short, I hit my 2.5 mile goal once. That last half of a mile about killed me on the spot. But I did make it through the Turkey Trot. My official time was 53:46. Not bad, especially given the circumstances. I had wanted to run the whole way but around mile 4, I caved. The entire second half of the race was gradually uphill and killed any motivation I had to keep jogging. My foot also started acting up. It’s the same problem I was having before. I’m not sure if it’s my stride, my impact, my shoes, or something else. But without fail, around 3.5 miles, acute pain starts creeping up into one of my toes on my left foot. I can almost always walk it out to be bearable to run on again but it always affects my stride after it sets in.

Good race though. I’m glad I did it.

Since then, I’ve tried to keep a somewhat regular exercise schedule. I walk Harper half a mile in the morning and another half at night. We also go to the dog park on the weekends to give her an open area to run and help out with the whole socializing deal. I run 2 to 3 miles (depending on how the work day went… the more frustrating the day, the longer the run) 2 to 3 times a week on the dreaded treadmill. So distance-wise, I’m putting in anywhere from 10-15 miles per week. Not a lot at all but that number should go up once the days get longer and I can move my running outside.

On my off running days, I’ve also started doing P90X’s Ab Ripper X workout. It’s only 15 minutes. But it’s a brutal 15 minutes. My core’s been sore since I’ve started. And the first day after, I felt like I had a limp because my hip flexors were so sore. So out of shape! But I’ll get there.

Once my running’s comfortable and the abs (or lack thereof) quit hurting, I’d like to pick up a few more road races in the new year. I’m also going to pick up some new shoes from a specialized running store that can give me some advice about the foot instead of a big box store like Dick’s with high school kids just wanting gas money. I also might try to set up a more strenuous and consistent schedule. Nike+ has some pretty solid routines for all types of lengths of races. Most of them are on 12 week schedules and pretty solid miles per week averages (the 10K program is 25.6 miles per week).

Then Bridge Run, here I come!

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2 Responses to Sweat It Out

  1. Jenna Albert says:

    yeah! sounds great. and i tried that Ab Ripper when i was fat at couldn’t get up from my desk at work because my hip flexors were so sore!

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