MTV Cribs – Raleigh Edition

I was going to have a clever opening line about this being a blast to the past… all the way back to 2000.

Then Wikipedia informed me that MTV Cribs (and apparently CMT Cribs… who knew?) is still on air. That makes me feel a little old that the show is 11 years old.


Since I’ve been fairly quiet about my new place here, I’d like to welcome you to my crib!

458 up in this piece.

I apologize. I have no idea what came over me… or what that even really means.

First up is my kitchen. Keep in mind I have almost nothing filling my million cabinets. Or drawers. And I don’t even really cook. The niceness of this kitchen is clearly lost on this kid. I did make it classy with my super sweet refrigerator magnets.

     Speaking of fridges, let me show you what fuels Raleigh’s newest, hottest bachelor.


A healthy dose of mayonnaise, water, milk, juice, a piece of a cheese ball and one bowl left of Thanksgiving sweet potato casserole. And in the freezer? Pizza. In two sizes. Big size and bagel size. Don’t hate.


Next up, the oversized island that, again, goes under appreciated. Also, the answer is yes. That is a Clemson shrine you see. Complete with signed Dabo picture, 2009 Gator Bowl pass, and Jerdan’s Rock, the mini edition. I have no shame.

You know what true ballers have that separates them from the normal people?

Valet trash. Bam. That’s what. I don’t need someone to park my car. I need someone to pick up my trash outside of my door. Walking it to a dumpster is for poor people.

The dining room is next, which is kind of deceiving. The table and chairs aren’t actually mine (I’m holding them for the brother & sister in law until they get a bigger place) and I’ve never actually eaten at this table. Right now, it’s essentially serving a dual purpose – alternating between Christmas wrapping table and laundry folding table.

Who let the dogs out?

In a quasi-serious note, the next picture shows my most prized possession: my super pimp couch. Not only does my dog help keep it propped up all day long but it served as my bed my first week or two here. I’m 6’3″. Any couch that can sleep me with plenty of room to spare is okay in my book. The fact that I own it is just icing on the cake.

The picture frames were part of my $90 picture frame spending spree this weekend. I’m determined to print out a ton of Africa, Alaska, and America pictures to litter my walls.

Also, my makeshift coffee table is clearly amazing. It’s a moving trunk.

Side note: Should I keep the tiger print pillows? I feel like they’re pretty awesome. But on the other hand, I also feel like they belong on set of a porn shoot.

On the other wall is the electronic goodness.


You can’t have valet trash without a killer TV, right? 40 inches and I’m almost a little bummed I didn’t go bigger. The stand’s the newest member of the family. She was born into the apartment Sunday night. To the right will be more pictures atop a nightstand I have no room for in the bedroom.

And then there’s the creation station for this blog.

Yes, I’m cool/nerdy enough for two monitors. And yes, they’re 23 inches… each

In the back corner is the bookshelf I mentioned last night along with my bare Christmas tree. I had to crop the picture a bit though. There are Christmas presents under the tree. And I haven’t revealed to many people what my wrapping job is this year. If you’re confused, catch up from last year’s post and wrapping paper.

Hints about my life all over this picture.

The tree’s a little lacking at the moment. Those are Clemson ornaments my dad gets me every year. Yes, I went to the fabric store and bought orange and purple ribbon. And yes, I have ordered 100 orange lights and 100 purple lights to go on the tree. Keep hating.

Since you’ve been here awhile, perhaps you need to use the restroom? Lucky for you, I have one of those!

More rooms, more orange.

In addition to the couch, I’m also a pretty big fan of my bed. I didn’t really want a box spring. And World Market had this pretty sweet platform bed. The 25% furniture sale didn’t hurt either. It has room for four drawers underneath. Unfortunately for me, the box was missing pieces for two of them, so I’ve only got two drawers at the moment. Fortunately for Harper, the open room gives her a cubby to hide in and sleeps under the bed at night.

Where the magic happens. And by magic, I mean not sleeping on the couch anymore.

When the couch doesn’t need holding up, she holds this wall up. My dog is so structurally sound.

And for the chicks and interior designers, here’s a shot of the other side of the bedroom. I have a his & hers closet. I’m just missing the her. Or a winter & summer closet. Except I’m extremely hot natured. So for now, they’re merely labeled as work clothes closet (left) and jeans & hoodie closet (right).

And with that, you’ve officially had a virtual tour of my apartment. It most definitely needs some flair on the wall (other than my lifesize “CJ Spiller for Heisman” poster I’ve got, of course). The frames & pictures should begin to rectify that situation a little. I’ll need a nice Death Valley framed picture at some point. Maybe I’ll get into the market for a little bit of art eventually too. The main pieces are in place though, which is what counts.

So peace out! This kid has to hit the hay and it’s creepy thinking about you looking at pictures of my bed while I’m sleeping in it.

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5 Responses to MTV Cribs – Raleigh Edition

  1. Harper might need a “he”, too.

    The place is slowly taking shape. Curtains?

  2. Bethany says:

    I somehow just found your blog…or found it again I think. You are killing me. I lost my place a thousand (or you know, like 6) times because I was laughing so hard. I never realized how poor I looked by taking out my own garbage. I need trash valet immediately! On top of that, I’m worried my couch and walls are going to fall down without a structurally sound dog to hold them up. I’m diggin’ your new apartment. I too have a big tv (42″) that seemed perfect at the time, but now seems about 18″ too small!

    • Well hi there! I figure with as many statuses of yours I like on Facebook, eventually, the favor would be returned in blog comments. It looks like that day may have arrived. Or we can just call it mutual respect for each other’s humor. Appreciate you following along though!

      You definitely need valet trash! I used it Thursday night. Just dropped my trash can outside my door and several hours later, the magical trash ferries have cleaned it out. All without the hassle of walking another hundred feet or so to the dumpster.

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