Our Freshman Is Better Than Yours

Pittsburgh vs South Florida this week.

No picks involved but I’ll pull for Pittsburgh just for fun. They are an ACC school now, after all. And South Florida beat Clemson down in their bowl game this past year.

Speaking of beat downs…

Florida State hasn’t won in Clemson since 2001. And it didn’t happen last Saturday either. I lied about taking pictures, as I realized I forgot my camera about 10 miles down the road. But it was great being back in Clemson for gameday. My brother and I walked to the stadium with a Florida State alum and his wife from Atlanta taking their two sons to their first college football game. They had questions about the campus so we just walked and talked with them since we were all going to the same place. I know I’m biased but I legitimately think this is something that’s great and fairly unique to Clemson – the fans are almost always ecstatic to welcome visiting fans and help the new ones out. Simply put, Clemson prides itself on its hospitality.

Our seats were a few rows from the top but it’s really cool to take in a game from there every now and then. The lower deck definitely has the better atmosphere but the upper deck is great for watching plays develop and the general flow of the game. My brother knows more about college football than anyone I know, so it’s cool to get his take on the game from this perspective. It was also good hanging out since his wedding is two weeks from this Saturday. Which means there’s a sister-in-law to take into account on all of our football weekends now (not that she’s against that… which makes her awesome).

Long story short, Clemson looked really good. They almost let Florida State sneak back into the game but did something most Clemson teams have had a hard time doing in the past… hanging on for the win. And rather convincingly at that. A huge reason is because of our true freshman receiver, Sammy Watkins. He has 28 catches for 433 yards and 6 TDs. That has him tied for 16th with receptions per game, 15th in receiving yards per game, and 14th in touchdowns. He was ranked as the 15th best high school player last year. I’d say he’s doing pretty well for himself.

And better than a certain #1 recruit in the country about 2 hours southeast of Clemson in Columbia.

In our football pool, last week was a very good one. I, along with three others, went 6-0 on the week. There were a bunch of 5-1 records too. The worst was 3-3, I think. We’ve got three tied for first with 17 points. I’m next in line with one other guy with 16 points. We’re playing a winner-take-all version instead of paying for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. If there’s a tie at the end of the season, the tie-breaker is total number of undefeated weeks. So I’m working on setting myself up nicely for a run to the top.

This week’s games are:

  • Texas A&M at Arkansas
  • Air Force at Navy
  • Baylor at Kansas State
  • Clemson at Virginia Tech
  • Alabama at Florida
  • Nebraska at Wisconsin

Clemson’s a 7 point underdog. But picking Clemson has worked for me this long… sports mojo law prohibits me from picking otherwise. Anti-jinx in effect!

Back to football for this boy. I was supposed to have a job interview in Raleigh tomorrow but they called today and let me know the spot has already been filled. So I’ll have plenty of time to type up a non-football entry tomorrow for you folks!

Until then, enjoy your Friday!

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