Newly Designed ACC

Another Thursday night, another weekly roundup from the college football landscape.

The Atlantic Coast Conference added two teams into the conference on Saturday: the University of Pittsburgh and Syracuse University. I’m not a huge fan of the northern schools but I can’t complain with the move. The two act as a bridge from current schools Maryland and Boston College to make the conference more contiguous. Also, Pittsburgh and Syracuse aren’t horrible football programs. They’re not great but they will be competitive. And since it’s the ACC, their basketball teams are clearly top notch. Either way, the conference situation shifted a bit this past weekend.

In the Jerdan boys’ pool, I went a respectable 4-2 with wins from LSU, West Virginia, Clemson, and Oklahoma. Pittsburgh (gave up a TD pass to lose with 1 second left!!!) and Ohio State did me no favors. The only problem is that six people went 5-1 so I lost some ground. I moved down in rankings to 8th but I’m only 2 points away from 1st now. My brother’s fiance owns the outright lead. Go figure. This week’s games are:

  • NC State at Cincinnati
  • UNC at Georgia Tech
  • Arkansas at Alabama
  • Florida State at Clemson
  • Oklahoma State at Texas A&M
  • LSU at West Virginia

Speaking of the Florida State/Clemson game, my brother had originally run the idea by me of trying to go to the game. We don’t have tickets this year, he just wanted to go press our luck outside the gate before the game and get our hands on some tickets. I let him know I wasn’t really interested in it. I’m a conservative person, so the idea of driving two hours to leave it up to chance on getting a solid ticket isn’t my cup of tea. I also wasn’t confident in Clemson’s ability to beat Florida State. If there’s anything worse than a loss, it’s the two hour drive home after seeing a beat down. Not to mention the game is on TV. I hate saying this but games are almost better to watch on TV now.

On Monday, I got an email from IPTAY notifying me that there were roughly 200 tickets Clemson was making available to the donors. My guess is that Florida State didn’t sell out their entire allotment to the game. I sort of mulled the idea over but wound up deleting the email and moved on. Then, a few hours later, my mom forwarded me her copy and the idea started eating at me. Florida State does have an injured QB, RB, and four WRs. They’re also coming off a close loss to Oklahoma at home. And hey, Clemson looked a hell of a lot better against Auburn than most were expecting. So I gave my brother a call and asked him if he wanted me to pick up two tickets. After a bunch of hemming and hawing (from both of us)… and a coin flip…no lie… we decided we’d fork out the $55 and head to the game. Pictures will be taken.

If anything, it will be a trial run to find out what we need for my brother’s bachelor party weekend in Clemson for the Boston College game in two weeks.

Also on the Clemson theme, I finally bit the bullet and bought a domain name and some hosting. My idea from last week’s entry? Let’s just say the plan’s in motion…

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