Numbers and patterns have always been something that caught my interest.

Throughout grade school, I was always in honor math classes. I still hold a tiny grudge (Who… me? Never!) at my 10th grade math teacher. I was taking AP Statistics. The AP designation stands for Advanced Placement. The courses are built around the AP tests at the end of the year. If you do well enough on the test, you can earn college credit.


I wound up with a C in the class. I didn’t pass the AP test to receive college credit. And because of these two outcomes, the teacher recommended me for the lower level Calculus in 12th grade. Instead of Calculus BC, I took Calculus AB. And eventually wound up with a 99 average in Calc. Thanks for nothing, Dr. Sommers!

My major at Clemson was Computer Engineering. But since we had to have a heavy math base for our core engineering classes, I went ahead and subbed in more math classes as electives. Instead of my last few semesters being wasted on Ultimate Frisbee 101 and Psychology 105, I graduated with a minor in Mathematical Sciences. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t scoped out the possibility of double majoring.

I even find patterns in numbers in my every day life. For example, ways to remember the exits to get to Clemson:

  • The first digit is are consecutive odd numbers that always count down
  • The second number is always the sum of the two single digits from the previous exit

Try it out. You start at 51 on I-26. Next first digit is 3 and second digit is 6 (5+1) for 36 on I-385. Last exit’s first number is 1 and the second is 9 (3+6) for 19 on I-85. Now you’ll never forget the exit numbers, if you’re a South Carolinian.

And yes… I’m well aware how nerdy that is.

So what does this have to do with my life at the moment, you ask?

I’m taking a few of my interests, throwing them all into a hat, shaking it up, and dumping the contents out online. Numbers, databases, Clemson, football, websites, learning new technology – all into one awesome, time-consuming hobby!

I had originally wanted to wait until I had a job (read: steady income) before making the commitment. But the timing just seems right. It’s in the heart of football season. A recent conversation with the Clemson beat writer for the Post & Courier  led to some expressed interest in being able to mention the site on his blog. And with my brother recently launching his college football-themed blog, I think there’s plenty of opportunity to help each other out. Also, it’s a test to gather information for what it takes to put everything together, coordinate a large website, and possibly monetize it before branching out into another planned venture down the road.

Not that I needed one, but it also gives me a reason to do some research on Clemson for something productive and learn some new technology about databases and interactive web-based projects.

Stay tuned! There’s plenty more to come!

But for now, there’s Boise State vs Toledo to watch. Have a great weekend!

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