Are you ready for some football?

Tonight marks the start of the third week of the college football season!

#3 LSU vs. #25 Mississippi State

I saw both of their stadiums on my trip:

  • Mississippi State – almost a year to the date – on September 17


  • Louisiana State on September 20


Not only is it a solid top 25 match up, it’s the first game in the newly created Jerdan Pick ‘Em challenge. My brother loves obsesses over college football. So much that he recently created a college football-based blog (Going Deep Thoughts). I don’t follow it nearly as close and meticulous as he does but I can hold my own. And because we both love fantasy sports, we thought we’d combine the two with as many family, friends, and acquaintances we could get our hands on.

The rules are simple:

  • $5 buy in per person
  • 6 games per week
  • Players pick the straight-up winner
  • Each game is worth a point
  • Most points at the end of the season win cold hard cash money

The first week went pretty well for me. I whiffed on the first two games by picking TCU over Baylor and Boston College over Northwestern to start 0-2. But I received the first week’s game ball for finishing 4-0 with BYU over Ole Miss, LSU over Oregon, Boise State over Georgia, and Maryland over Miami. Four points was good enough to tie me for first with three others (out of 18).

Quick side note – I said family was involved. My brother helped carry the Jerdan pride by going 4-2 as well. My mom (yup, be jealous my mom bets with us), not so much with a 1-5 record. The soon-to-be sister-in-law also went 4-2.

One more quick side note – How about those Maryland uniforms?

The second week wasn’t so pretty. A little bit of tough love, for sure. I went right with Arizona State over Missouri and California over Colorado. And not so right with Mississippi State over Auburn, NC State over Wake Forest, Georgia over South Carolina, and Notre Dame over Michigan. Nice little 2-4 record to go with my previous week’s 4-2 spot. To be fair though, the four games I lost were all within a touchdown and last minute wins for the other teams. So instead of being tied for first, I’m now sitting in a tie with seven others for sixth. First place is only 2 points away though.

As I stated, this week’s games start with LSU vs. Mississippi State. I’ve got LSU tonight and then Pittsburgh over Iowa, West Virginia over Maryland, Clemson over Auburn, Ohio State over Miami, and Oklahoma State over Florida State. I’m a little worried about the Clemson pick. But come on! I gotta go with my alma mater! And, for some mysterious reason, they’re actually favored. So bring it, Tigers (of the Clemson variety)! Here’s hoping for a better week this time around.

There is no sport better than college football.

And no time of year better than the first signs of fall!

But for now, the game’s calling my name. Everyone enjoy your Friday!

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2 Responses to Are you ready for some football?

  1. I feel a lot better about my picks this week. You’ll see.

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