10K Across The Country

So, while I’ve been busy being a horribly inconsistent blogger, I’ve been making all kinds of strides (ha! Get it?) in my running. During my run this morning, I had a fantastic idea that dropped into my lap.

As some of you know (or may not, given some of my new followers), this blog was started to document my trip across the country. For September through December of 2010, nothing but tales of my adventure were included here. I hadn’t been running on a regular basis. I hadn’t been reading so much. I had no puppy to show off. I was just bouncing around from state to state, seeing what kind of sights and escapades I could get myself into. I camped, stayed with family, and motel’ed it throughout the 48 contiguous states. I saw things and places I had never planned to see – Seattle (on Halloween, no less), Crater Lake with my dad, Bryan, TX with an ex-girlfriend’s ex-best friend (funny how life works sometimes), a sunrise in Maine before the rest of America, Yellowstone. The list goes on and on.

Meanwhile, on a phone call with my “Wants To Be An Alaskan Native” dad Monday night, he mentioned that he had walked/jogged the largest 5K in Anchorage this past weekend – The Heart Run. He said that he thought it was the first road race he had done outside of the state of South Carolina. Not that he’s an everyday type of runner, but he has done the Cooper River Bridge Run 28 or 29 years in a row. So that surprised me. And got me thinking if I had ever done one and I couldn’t come up with anything. I’ve run two Dam Runs in Irmo, a handful of races in Lexington, the Bridge Run five times, and several others around the Midlands of SC. But none on foreign soil.

Then it hit me today – Why don’t I combine the two?

Since the Bridge Run is supposed to be one of the largest 10Ks in the country, I figured why not start with that list and cross them off? According to this list by Active.com, they are, as of 2010:

  • Atlanta Journal-Constitution Peachtree in Atlanta, GA
  • Dick’s Sporting Good’s Bolder Boulder in Boulder, CO
  • Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston, SC
  • Ukrop’s Monument Ave in Richmond, VA
  • Statesman Capitol 10K in Austin, TX
  • Crescent City Classic in New Orleans, LA
  • Bellin Run in Green Bay, WI
  • Wharf to Wharf Race Run in Santa Cruz, CA
  • 100+ 1 Thanksgiving Day 10K in Cincinnati, OH
  • Richard S. Caliguiri Great Race in Pittsburgh, PA

The places aren’t overly exciting (nothing in Chicago, Boston, San Diego, or Washington DC?), but I think it’s a pretty good place to start. Not to mention already having the third largest under my belt already. My Bryan, TX buddy is also looking for an excuse for me to come to Austin and it’s on the list. I wish there were more west coast cities on the list, so I might have to add to the list or tweak the goal (10K in every state? Maybe a half marathon list if I get the urge to build up to that?).

Either way, I could make a weekend trip out of a lot of those to run and see some cool places.

So who’s coming with me?

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2 Responses to 10K Across The Country

  1. Alexis Grant says:

    This sounds like a fun goal!

  2. RMJinAK says:

    Some of those places are really cool, I think. Boulder CO, Austin TX; I am surprised at Green Bay WI, though, but I would have to check out my Packers first. I have heard that the Peachtree Roadrace is just madness. I knew someone 30 years ago who ran it and I never wanted to do that one from their report then. This idea might be another goal to set for yourself. I have heard of folks doing a marathon in every state – a woman was here last year to get AK checked off her list. Talk to you soon, Daddy.

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