“Clemson’s Coming”

This past Wednesday was National Signing Day for college football teams across the country. If you know anything about college football, this day has taken on the feeling of Christmas morning. Everyone loves their recruits. Every team is undefeated and has high hopes. Everyone stands a chance. The future is always bright.

This year, for Clemson, was critical. The Tigers had just come off a 6-7 season (their first losing season since 1998), a loss to South Carolina (first time losing twice in a row to them since 1970), and a loss to a sub-par Big East South Florida team in a sub-par bowl. On top of that, the offensive coordinator and running backs/special teams coaches were fired and the defensive ends coach left for more green at Alabama. None of the above boded well for Clemson several weeks before signing day.

And yet Dabo Swinney pulled the rabbit out of the hat yet again.

Everyone from the New York Times to SB Nation to USA Today to ESPN seems to have something online about how Clemson was the surprise of the day. Pretty much across the board for the recruiting services, Clemson pulled in a top 10 class. Miraculous considering the above, really. Just judging by the Rivals rankings, Clemson pulled in the following:

  • 1st (Tony Steward), 3rd (Stephone Anthony), & 10th (Lateek Townsend) linebackers
  • 3rd (Sammy Watkins) & 11th (Charone Peake) wide receivers
  • 5th (Mike Bellamy) running back
  • 6th (Eric MacLain)tight end
  • 7th (Ammon Lakip) kicker
  • 9th (Tony McNeal) quarterback

That doesn’t include the 1st (Martavis Bryant – wide receiver) & 2nd (Corey Crawford – defensive end) prep school players in the country. That’s some serious talent. Crazy stuff, people! It also doesn’t include the potential for signing the #1 overall recruit in the country (Jadeveon Clowney, a defensive end from Rock Hill, SC). He’s been between Alabama & South Carolina forever. But with Clemson’s recent class, the fact they’ve had the last official visit, and his waning interest in Alabama, Clemson is back in the picture. He’s almost assuredly going to South Carolina. But never say never…

And with that, I start my weekend dog-sitting at the house with the mom and step dad out of town. Any guesses at how many movies on Netflix I wind up watching? I’ve already watched More Than A Game, a documentary about LeBron James’ high school basketball team. I’m coming a bigger and bigger fan of documentaries but more on that tomorrow…

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3 Responses to “Clemson’s Coming”

  1. RMJinAK says:

    That is interesting – our newspaper here had a small article about signing day, most of which discussed how Auburn and Alabama competed against each other for the two best classes. It then listed the other ususal suspects in having great signing classes: Southern Cal, Florida, Ohio State and Oregon. They did not mention Clemson at all. I was thinking that we did not do so well. Then I read your report and I am feeling a lot better for the Tigers! I was down to Arlington, TX for training; flew down on Monday, got iced over for Tuesday, nearly blew away Tuesday and Wednesday, then flew back Wednesday afternoon. It was miserable weather!! The whole Dallas/Fort Worth area was like a ghost town on Tuesday. No one could drive on any of the streets or highways because of the ice. The only people who could attend the training was those of us from out of town staying in the hotel across the street. I was only two miles from Cowboys stadium and the pre-Super Bowl activities, but I could not get over there 😦 We were a little worried about flying out on Wednesday, but the roads were at least passable and the airport was up and running again, so I did get my flight out. It was 13 Wednesday morning and 30mph winds. Everyone else said that since I lived in Alaska I should be used to that weather. I said that it was never that bad in Anchorage. I hear that they had snow in Dallas yesterday. Good thing that stadium has a roof! I hope to talk with you this weekend. Love, Daddy.

    • We’re actually ranked higher than both Florida and Oregon in almost every ranking. Florida State, however, either has the top class or flirts with it in the polls. So something’s going to have to give if we want to be doing well in the ACC.

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