Scheduling Conflict

How’s this for my schedule yesterday?

  • 9:00 – Go outside
  • 9:15 – Feed
  • 10:00 – Go outside
  • 11:00 – Go outside
  • 12:20 – Go outside
  • 12:30 – Feed
  • 1:15 – Go outside
  • 2:00 – Go outside
  • 3:00 – Go outside
  • 5:00 – Go outside
  • 5:30 – Feed
  • 6:00 – Go outside
  • 7:15 – Go outside
  • 7:55 – Go outside
  • 9:00 – Go outside
  • 9:30 – Go outside
  • 10:00 – Go outside
  • 11:45 – Go outside

Fun, right? Even with that, Harper still went inside twice yesterday. Once on her puppy pad (not so bad) and once on the carper (bad). Between 3 and 5, my mom, step dad, grandparents, and myself went out to lunch and she stayed in her cage the whole time. She hates the first 5 minutes or so, but then calms down. So that’s good. And it’s the same schedule, so far, today – she’s been out at 9:00, 9:30, and now 10:15. All in the name of trying to get her to go to the bathroom outside.

I’m also looking at some kind of training class for her. PetSmart has a 6-week puppy/beginner course for $109. Pets Inc has classes but they’re $35 for each hour. I might go ahead and sign up at PetSmart, if nothing else to get her out in public socializing with other people and dogs. She’s been up to the local park twice to walk and does okay. She’s been fine with our dog Dixie and my grandparents’ toy poodle Sam. But it can’t hurt to introduce her to as many places, people, dogs, etc as possible. Does anyone have any experience with training from PetSmart?

Also, what’s going on with you people? I start blogging again and my numbers take a huge leap (as expected). I was up to 38 hits on Tuesday and 26 Wednesday. But then yesterday I get 2?! I know I haven’t written anything since Tuesday but a drop off like that is still odd. Such a funny group you Internet people are.

Enjoy your Friday!

Here’s Harper camped out with our 14-year-old, blind & deaf miniature dachshund Dixie.

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