Mister Brainwash

For his birthday, my brother (welcome to Twitter, by the way) got my step dad three months of Netflix. The funny thing is that it took everyone in the family almost a month into it before anything was ever actually ordered through the mail – we just streamed movies through their online service on Xbox Live. It’s used so much that my mom and step dad now have their own Xbox 360 and Xbox Live account so that they can stream movies (and, supposedly, play a game or two every now and then with my nephew). I’d seriously love to know how many of your parents have their own video game console and Xbox Live account. Or play Dance Central. Or Rock Band. On expert.

With that said, I’ve never been a huge movie buff. I’ll watch some of the bigger movies and almost anything by the Judd Apatow bunch. If I go to the movies once every two months, that’s impressive. But with Netflix at the tip of my fingers any time I’m bored, I’ve all but convinced myself I’ll need my own account soon. It’s exactly like the Nook – my habits completely change when the instantaneous opportunities available. I’d never actually buy a copy of Mein Kampf but since it was free, I’ve got it downloaded ready to read. I’m not sure I would spend the time (or money) on a dog book but for $6, I got the Cesar Millan book today (and already 75 pages into it). The same holds true for NetFlix. In the last few days, I’ve watched both The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and The Girl Who Played With Fire. The Swedish versions. With subtitles and all. And the only reason I didn’t watch The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets’ Nest is because it wasn’t available to stream or get on DVD.

But what really was interesting was that I watched Exit Through The Gift Shop last night. It’s a documentary (after reading online, many claim it’s a hoax) about Thierry Guetta aka Mister Brainwash – a Frenchman who filmed everything as an “addiction” and wound up in the middle of the street art scene filming Shepard Fairey (who made not only the “Andre the Giant has a posse” stickers from the 1990’s, but also the infamous HOPE poster of Obama) and Banksy. I can’t tell you why I decided to watch the documentary – I’ve never dabbled in street art, I’ve heard of Banksy but don’t know anything about the scene or other artists, and it’s not something I’ve ever been really interested in. But I was glued to it all night!

Technology is a funny thing. Napster and illegally downloading music files hasn’t really opened up my view towards new, different kinds of music. For the most part, I still listen to the same stuff I listened to before. Yet with Netflix and the Nook, my movie and reading habits have completely changed. What’s the difference? Or better yet, why is there even a difference?

That’s got “thesis” written all over it for some grad student or PhD candidate out there. If it hasn’t been done already… Does “Doctor Jerdan” sound impressive? (Jussssst kidding!)

All I know is that this kid is about to be an even bigger encyclopedia of useless knowledge if the other Netflix documentaries are half as compelling and interesting. Any suggestions or recommendations?

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