Good morning, Monday

Harper woke me up at 7:15 AM. Figuring she needed to go out, I reluctantly got up from my cozy bed and ventured into the cold outdoors. She went to the bathroom (good girl!) and then decided it was time to lay down and munch on some twigs and branches. Not exactly what you’re looking for early in the morning, half asleep, and freezing. But I let her go at it for a little while. And then I managed to eek out another hour of sleep before she got hungry. The life of a puppy…

Speaking of puppies, when I picked Harper out, she was one of a litter of nine. But by the time I was there (15 weeks), only two were left. My mom (half jokingly) gave me a hard time about splitting the pair up and leaving one. I thought nothing of it. Well, yesterday I had to run up there to buy some more dog food. I checked out the puppies there (just amazing how many different ones were there only 5 days after picking Harper out) and went to see if the other one was still there. She was just hanging out by herself. That part made me feel really bad so I hung around to pet her for a while. But while I was in line to check out, there was a couple asking about “the black lab” I’m assuming was her. So hopefully she found a home yesterday. If not, anyone want a 16 week old puppy? 🙂

In a completely different direction, I had a friend send me this article. It’s an opinion piece for a Sports Illustrated columnist about people’s responses to issues combined with the anonymity and instantaneous nature of the Internet. Part of me understands as I know I’ve said things in an email or IM that were either in the heat of the moment or purposefully intended to get a reaction. But part of me wants to shake my head in shame at the example in the piece. I used to check a Clemson message board on a daily basis (sworn it off since my trip for various reasons) and I still follow the Clemson beat writer for the Post & Courier. The comments on the blog are almost always positive or thought provoking (due to the more personal setting, I believe) so this issue doesn’t seem to be a problem here. But reading comments on articles (not just sports-related) online is ridiculous. Any Clemson article has an army of Gamecock regulars mocking the piece and vice versa. Any Republican article has a slew of Democrats bashing anyone within reach and vice versa. I know the problem won’t cease being an issue since people become braver (and more ignorant) given the anonymity. But it’s a unique problem to contemplate, for sure. Just goes to show that everyone doesn’t deserve a public platform to voice their opinions.

Hope everyone has a productive Monday! Mine includes cleaning out a dog crate to help familiarize Harper, scheduling an appointment to get Harper spayed, possibly getting a book on my Nook about dog training, nutrition, etc (Cesar Millan, anyone?), and maybe doing some research on pet insurance (any readers here have any experience with it?). Enjoy!

P.S. Harper’s also famous and made her first Internet appearance to the masses in my mom’s newsletter.

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2 Responses to Good morning, Monday

  1. RMJinAK says:

    Hi, Matthew: I’m glad to see you blogging again. I hope that you get some good insight into puppy/dog behavior from the Cesar Milan book. I have read about four books to get different points of view, but from his shows and what I have read I think he is usually right on target. People need the training; the dogs usually do just great when people know how to do the right thing. That is funny about the burping; Phred sometimes comes and finds me to burp in my face after a meal. I think it is his way of saying “Thanks!” He does it so often that I call him Mr. Burpie. I see your tweet says, Tired puppy = good puppy. That is really true, so keep walking her and playing with her since you have the time now. Cesar Milan’s mantra is, “Exercise, Discipline, Affection, in that order”. Keep on writing, blogging and playing with your puppy, cause one of these days you are going to be back at work again and then you’ll want to have all those good memories. Love, Daddy.

    • The book is pretty overwhelming. It’s difficult relating to some of the stuff he’s written about since he was raising four dogs at once when writing the book but also because he has so many other adult dogs around for the puppies to learn from. It’s also interesting trying to find a balance between how he raises and treats dogs versus how I’d like to.

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