Happy New Years Eve!

And go Tigers!

With a tiny “Go ‘Noles” in there too.

My brother and I are about to head up to Charlotte, NC for the afternoon to see the Meineke Car Care Bowl with four of our friends. It starts at noon on ESPN, so be sure to tune in! I’m sure the chances are good of seeing us since there seems to be only 6 other tickets sold for the entire game (I’m exaggerating of course – there were 15 total tickets sold).

From there, three of us are heading to Greenville, SC for New Years Eve festivities. The last time I checked, the ratio was going to be two guys to seven girls. That includes my brother and his fiance. So one guy to six girls? Should make for an interesting night in any case. I’m just hoping to be able to find a TV with the South Carolina vs. Florida State game. That’s all I’m really asking for. I’d be pretty pleased if one of the last things I saw in the year 2010 is a South Carolina loss. Just sayin’… I’ll be back in Chapin, SC sometime Saturday afternoon/evening. So a quick whirlwind tour of the Carolinas in 36 hours.

Speaking of which, I’ve had a pretty awesome year. It’s had a lot of ups and downs. I’ve met some new people, grown closer to a few, and parted ways with a few more. 2010 is the year I quit my job to do something for myself. And it’s the year I’ve found out a lot about myself. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with the end result. Solid, solid year.

I wish everyone out there in Internet land has a safe and happy New Years Eve. I hope 2010 was good to you and yours. And I hope 2011 brings you great times!

See ya next year guys!

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One Response to Happy New Years Eve!

  1. Happy New Year!
    2011 will be quite interesting from what I hear thus far.

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