Deck the halls with boughs of football

Still kicking the cold. Definitely feeling a lot better now though.

Big news within the walls of the Chapin house. My momma found a home for her first fiction book. Bell Bridge Books offered for her first book Hog Tied. So congratulations to her!

Looks like I won’t be the first one in the house published after all…

Since I’m getting better though, that means I can get back to work on my book! It’s so overwhelming though. I was working on an outline yesterday for which stories happened in which states and what I needed to include. Before I realized it, I was almost up to a full page outline for the prologue, South Carolina, Georgia, & Florida. So I had a chat with my mom about how to handle those kind of things. I don’t know how to tell what to cut and what to include. I feel like I could flesh every story out, in vivid detail, and tie it into my trip somehow. It’s hard to just dive in head first and not think about these things though. I just need to force myself to write, write some more, and keep writing. Editing should cut out the junk and tighten up the story. But that’s an entirely different beast to tackle, in terms of getting it edited.

So here’s to the first version of my story being 750 pages!

Today’s also the first weekend since the first week of the season and I left on my trip that I’m able to just kick back and watch football. Bowl season starts today! So far, so good in my bowl pick ’ems pool I’m in. Go BYU and the Mormons! My bowl tickets also came in the mail. Can’t wait for New Years Eve to invade Charlotte! Hopefully this game will end much better than the Clemson/Auburn game I went to.

That’s all I got, folks. Officially a week until Christmas! Hope everyone’s enjoying the season.

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3 Responses to Deck the halls with boughs of football

  1. RMJinAK says:

    Hi, Matthew; thanks for the call last night. I want to encourage you to just write some every day and not to worry about editing the stories as you go. You’ll figure out later what to take out or cut back. But if you try to make sense of the stories now, you may leave out something that really would be very good. So just try to get all the main ideas and thoughts down in words now. Bonnie and Frank, being in the newspaper and public affairs business, could give you hints on how to make more into less but keep the best parts. Me, I’d want to hear all of your stories 🙂

  2. Bonnie says:

    I know you’ve got a writer in the house, but if you need an editor, Frank and I can definitely help in that regard. I used to cut wholesale paragraphs out of over written artIcles for the hospital magazine I edited for McLeod Medical Center when it needed to be more readable. Frank still does that with his TiftonScene Magazine. I always seem to enjoy editing more than writing, and Frank and I are always editing each other’s work.

    • Thanks for the offer! I might take you up on it, at least for pieces of the story, just to get a different perspective. But for the whole thing, I might try and join an online critique group. It will teach me how to edit better but it will also give me a whole group of people who don’t already know my stories.

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