Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

I had a feeling this would happen.

Just not to the extent and severity of it.

Nothing against my mom, step dad, or the town of Chapin but after the initial joy of being home wore off, it’s been rough. I feel like I stepped right back into my same ol’ shoes I was in before I left. I don’t know if it’s just the familiarity of everything or what. It’s just hard to be motivated. Or try different things. Or get out and about.

I absolutely hate that.

But I’m working on it. Slowly but surely, I’ll get there. I got back in touch with my buddy Chrissy from work who I lost touch and had a tiny falling out with to let her know I was back in town. I let pride get in the way for a long time with that situation but once I was actually back, I caved and asked about doing lunch. I’ll just say I used it as an excuse to give her the gifts I picked up on the road! So on Friday, I left the house to head up to the old workplace. It was too funny because she almost walked right passed me in the parking lot. Apparently the long hair and scruffiness throws people off after three months.

It was a good visit though. Chrissy asked me if I wanted to come back and work before we got inside the building. One of the programmers I was in good with saw me in the parking lot and asked me to come back. My old boss asked what I was planning on doing now that I was home. A client service rep asked what it would take to get me back. Just too funny. It feels good to be wanted, I won’t lie. But it also feels good to know what’s good and bad for me. And that is exactly what I wouldn’t need right now. I got to see most everyone I wanted to. I hardly got to speak with anyone for more than a minute or two because I was bouncing all around.

Lunch was a good visit too. We went with our friend Roy. We got to talk about my trip, what I got to see, where I enjoyed. I heard about all of the work drama (and thought to myself how great it was to be a third party hearing it instead of right in the middle). Personal Yankee conversations even came up. And I was surprisingly comfortable with it all. Very good times. I’m glad I’m back on good terms. I missed my friend!

Yesterday and today were pretty blah. I settled in to watch The Human Centipede with my step dad yesterday. Don’t see it. Both for the twisted, disturbing plot and the movie actually being bad. My brother got Netflix for several months for my step dad and he’s definitely getting his money’s worth out of it. Today, I went out for some Christmas shopping and errand running. And mainly to get out of the house and do something. I donated some toys for Toys for Tots at Toys R Us. I hit the mall for cards, hunting wrapping paper, and some gifts. Then just bounced around – Walmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Party City, Publix. I know it sounds weird but the holiday madness calms me down. I like going out into the traffic and crowds because it forces me to slow down. Where it makes most people more frustrated, it has the opposite effect on me.

I also thought about my book some. Nothing ground breaking but enough to get the ball rolling. It’s just so daunting because there’s so much I know nothing about. I want to put maps in it, so I started looking for places to create maps (WAY harder than you think). Do I want to self publish or try to traditionally publish? Talk about being overwhelmed when looking up information on those two areas. Not to mention I don’t even need to worry about those things until I have the story written. Just so much information and no idea where to start! That’s part of the problem with being home – on the road, I picked what I was going to see that day and I went… because I couldn’t stay in the same place. Now that I’m in the same place, all of these options are here and I just flounder. Not good. But I figured out how I want to break it up. And where I’ll start with the prologue. Maybe tomorrow I’ll put pen to paper.

And that’s my life now. At least temporarily. No cool pictures. No amazing sites.

I’ll see about changing that in the next week or two!


P.S. Here are some cool stats I calculated up:

  • All 48 contiguous states were touched. South Carolina and Georgia were the first two on September 7th. West Virginia was the last on November 30th
  • In the three months (plus one day) I was gone, it cost me $9,884.05 to make my trip. That includes gas, lodging, food, souvenirs, cash from an ATM. Basically, if it involved money, it was included. If it had been warm enough to camp (and for the campgrounds to be open), that total would be considerably lower.
  • I also put 21,435.1 miles on my truck. I almost have to move to a big city now, right? Just to offset the mileage I put on my truck?
  • I’ve put 50 miles total on it in the 5 days I’ve been home.
  • I have roughly 2,500 pictures. No idea how I plan to ever keep those organized or remember what is where.
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One Response to Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

  1. It’s still nice to have you home, though.

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