You ruined my entry, Kyle Parker

I’m finding out my writing style generally mimics my mood. I don’t do this full time, so I don’t know how to fake it. If I’m in a funny mood, you get a humorous blog. If I’m bored with my day, you get a rambling, dry entry. If I watched Clemson get dismantled the night before by their biggest rival…

Let’s just say it’s not looking good.

Yesterday was probably one of my blandest days yet. I crossed into Kentucky (47th state! West Virginia is all I have left!) where I visited the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial in the morning. There just wasn’t anything there. It’s a hall with some pretty impressive carvings on the outside depicting the various stages of Lincoln’s life. And a huge flag pole. A cemetery. An iron outline of a cabin the Lincoln’s started on (but never actually finished or lived in). And a “working” farm…that wasn’t working since it’s late fall/early winter. Exciting right?

And not to be a complete Debbie Downer but the hall didn’t really have that much information that I didn’t already get in heavy doses from my Springfield visit. I learned his mother died there. She’s buried there too but I thought I read that they haven’t found her actual grave site. So it’s just a headstone as far as I know. A little disappointing. I learned he had a step-mom. And I learned that here’s where he picked up his love for books, George Washington, and Ben Franklin. But I got pictures so the world will see how exciting this was!

One thing I did think was really cool was something at Nancy Lincoln’s headstone. I was glancing around the cemetery looking at the dates on some of the other headstones when something caught my eye at hers. At the base were what looked like tiny, smooth pebbles. But looking closer, it was were people had showered the base with pennies since it bears Lincoln’s face. And because it’s cheaper than chucking $5 bills into a cemetery. Who uses pennies anyways? Nancy Lincoln. That’s who.

From Lincoln City, KY, I headed to Mammoth Cave National Park. I figured this would be a pretty awesome place, given it’s one of two cave systems I actually know the name of (Carlsbad Caverns being the other in New Mexico). I’m not sure if it wasn’t that spectacular or my mood had just invaded my outlook on anything I was going to see that day, but I really wasn’t that impressed. The “coolest” fact I remember from the trip is that we were 310 feet below the ground at one point, but still 50 feet above the water table. I can usually judge how much fun I had by the random facts I remember from the trips. Not very promising.

Even my pictures from here are a let down. Either the flash completely changes the look of everything or the pictures are blurry because I turned the flash off and the shutter had to stay open for 5 seconds or more to capture as much light as it could.

There were three cool places we went through though. One was “Fat Man’s Misery” (it seems like every cave has one of those), which I pretty much had to walk sideways through. Another was “Tall Man’s Agony.” It was 3 and a half feet high for 25+ feet. Which is earns the “agony” part of the name when you’re 6’3″. And last, there was one stopping point where our guide was telling us about past tours (they’ve been giving them since 1815 I believe he said) and how they used nothing but lanterns that burned grease. And how the guides had to be very careful and skilled climbing over rocks to ensure the flame didn’t go out. To give us a taste of it, he turned off the powered lights and blew out his lantern. Really spooky to be in that dense of a darkness. But really cool too.

That was my day yesterday! And my sarcastic, bitter-toned entry today 🙂

Today should be much better though. The sites are more entertaining and I’m not traveling very far, which might lend itself to a second entry tonight about some things I’ve been meaning to touch on.

Until then, I hope you’re enjoying the last parts of your Thanksgiving weekend!

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5 Responses to You ruined my entry, Kyle Parker

  1. Yea – the Clemson game was the worst in my memory. Parker is definitely no good in a crunch. Should’ve stuck to his baseball opportunity. I’d hate to be going into exams after Thanksgiving as a student at Clemson this year.

    Have a good day today! It’s sunny here – cold, but sunny. Love you.

    • Worst loss in Dabo’s short tenure. First time in 40 years South Carolina has won at least two in a row. Parker maybe packing it in during the second half of the season with one foot out of the door for baseball. Just no good all the way around.

      But today was good! The distillery was amazing. So cool!

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  3. Haley says:

    I’m really confused as to why you refer to Lincoln City as being in Kentucky at least twice when it’s definitely in Indiana. It’s close to the border with Kentucky, but It’s most certainly not Kentucky.

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