Oregon for a minute

I made it to Oregon (38th state!) last night, but I feel like I’m cheating in counting it yet. I’m in Ontario, Oregon, which is literally the first exit off of the interstate after leaving Idaho. And I’m going back into Idaho today. So thanks for the bed Oregon, but the land of potatoes is calling me again!

Yesterday was a short, slow day that took forever! I woke up late, got a late start, and just drug my feet all morning. On purpose of course. I went from Mountain Home to Boise which is all of 40 miles maybe. I made it to Boise State and spent probably 30 minutes looking for a place to park. These schools that are in cities are impossible! I finally found a metered spot and went for a walk around the stadium. Completely locked up. No way in. It didn’t really surprise me, as they’ve got blue turf and I can see where vandalism might be a tiny bit higher on their field than some of the other schools. So I just headed to the sports shop to look for a magnet for myself. Strike two. No refrigerator magnets. You’re killing me Boise! I did get a postcard and shirt for myself though. And struck up a really good conversation with the two people (probably students) working the counter. They were really intrigued by my trip. We probably talked for 20 or 30 minutes. Very cool people. AND! They told me how to get onto the field! All you had to do was check out the Hall of Fame and they’ve got a door to the inside of the stadium. So I take back all of the nasty things I thought about you, Boise. You’re okay in my book.

From there, I went to the Old Idaho Penitentiary. It’s an old jail that was opened in 1872 and closed in 1973 after a riot and newer facilities had been built. It was really cool though. I was maybe one of two or three groups there so that made for an interesting experience. Everything was quiet. That made the cells creepy and the hanging gallows even creepier. It’s so eerie standing in a place someone was killed. And not just killed, but put to death.

  • A block of the jail cells
  • A block of the maximum security cells
  • The Death Row cells
  • The gallows trap door (Notice the hose? I bet that was a fun job)
  • A “Siberia” cell, which was solitary confinement
  • A view from inside the walls
  • The entrance to the prison

From there, I went on a walk in the Morrison-Knudsen Nature Center. Nothing special, just a small park-type setup with a pond and creek running through it. I just needed to take a break from life and walks work really well for me. After that, I went to a park down the street, grabbed a PB&J for lunch, and read 50 pages or more in my book. Then hit the road, which is how I ended up here in Ontario!

Enjoy your Friday, blog readers!

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