Oh give me a home! Where the buffalo roam

Cross North Dakota and Montana off of the list! I’ve been to 31 states now. Only 17 left!

I know I probably still have a few down days in my system, but I’m feeling pretty good about finishing this trip up and hitting all of the states right now. That, coupled with the fact that I’m so far west, it’s not really easy to go home in a day. I might have to cut some cities or things out that I had originally planned on seeing though, just to keep the route smooth.

With that said though, North Dakota was fairly boring. When I stopped in Fargo, ND at the welcome center, I knew it was going to be a rough state when the most interesting thing the lady at the desk told me about was the world’s largest buffalo in Jamestown, ND. But guess what I did? Drug my butt to see the world’s largest buffalo! There were two (live) albino buffalo in the herd at the National Buffalo Museum too. They claimed to have the only three in the United States.

So how do you top yesterday and the world’s largest buffalo? By following it up with the world’s largest Holstein cow, of course! I’m not ashamed to admit I stopped, trekked up the hill, and nearly froze to death while I took pictures of a fake cow overlooking the interstate and town of New Salem, ND.

Afterwards, I actually took in a legit site along the way in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park and Painted Canyon in western North Dakota. I’m not sure on the whole back story, as to whether it’s THE Badlands or just part of them, but it was absolutely gorgeous. In the South portion of the park, I drove the 36-mile loop through it. Very, very cool. It was also free, since the hiking trails were closed due to the rangers thinning out the elk for the season. I managed to miss seeing any elk, but I did spot one wild horse, three buffalo, and about a million prairie dogs, as they had a bunch of prairie dog “towns.” And as my motto goes, “any day that has animals is a good day.” So today was a success.

I’m even more pumped about tomorrow though. Well, I was pumped until I did my homework. Apparently the Beartooth All-American Road is regarded as the most beautiful drive in America. And I was totally planning on taking it, but it looks like it’s closed for the season due to snow and ice. I wanted to take that into Yellowstone, but doesn’t look like that’ll be happening now. That just means I’ll have to go around the top and drop down instead. I’ll make it work! And my friend in California just told me that the Grand Teton National Park is worth it too. So I might try to hit that up as well. Exciting adventures!

P.S. Where’d everyone go?! Only 26 hits yesterday and 6 today. Boo!

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5 Responses to Oh give me a home! Where the buffalo roam

  1. I hit you! Went to the fair today with your brother. You missed the kids herding pigs in the junior barrow competition. And my buff orpington chickens look better than the ones there. Wish you were here!

    Love, Momma

    • So I heard! And if I were there, I’d be missing out on all the cool things I’m seeing. You’re jealous you didn’t get to see Salem Sue, the world’s largest Holstein cow, aren’t you?

  2. Bill Jerdan says:

    I’ve been to ND once. I understand that they used to tell Air Force guys going up the the Minuteman missile sites in ND, that they’d find a girl behind every tree. Then they got there and saw that there weren’t any trees. Grand Teton is worth the view. We did not go into the park, just saw those mile high mountains driving by on the east side.

    Enjoy, Bill Jerdan

  3. RMJinAK says:

    That’s too bad about the Beartooth Road. But I am glad you now have better scenery in MT than ND. From what I hear and have seen in pictures, you have to go by Grand Tetons NP. The story of how it came about was in Ken Burns’ National Parks film – it was kind of a secret land purchase by the Rockefeller family that was then donated to the NPS. (Be sure to get your NPS passport stamped!) Hope you get to see some of the one-of-a-kind sights in Yellowstone. That was really the basis for starting a National Park system. Safe travels and great experiences!

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