Service Stations?

I don’t understand this world that is the land of Yankees.

You can’t pump your own gas in New Jersey. You can’t drive anywhere without dropping millions of dollars in tolls. There’s no such thing as a rest area, they’re all service stations with gas stations, restaurants, gift shops, etc. It’s like no one wants anyone driving to be able to stumble into a town and interact with the locals 😉

Yesterday was good though. I touched or drove through Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and New York. Two of the four (DE & NJ), I never have been in before, so I’m slowly crossing states off. I’m up to 15 now, I think. Tomorrow should be Vermont, New Hampshire, and maybe Maine. And eventually down through Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

I stayed in a nice campground outside of Pomona, NY. They were talking about seeing a bear the previous night when I checked in, but I managed to miss out on him. There were tons of deer everywhere though. And then when I left this morning, I saw two black bear hunting around on the side of the road a few miles away. It’s cold though! Last night it dipped into the 40s and I don’t think it’s getting out of the 50s today. Not sure I’m exactly ready for that. (And just as I type that, CNN is telling me there were temperatures in the 80s and 90s in Montana yesterday….how is this fair?) And since I’m not ready for the cold, I naturally am heading further north towards Lake Placid tonight. I’ll be bumping elbows with Vermont and Canada. Maybe there’s some cool Olympic stuff left over from 1980.

And that’s my life at the moment!

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4 Responses to Service Stations?

  1. Love your commentary about the Yankee way of life. Give us more of that type of commentary. It’s funny. Glad you missed greeting a bear – glad you saw a couple from a distance. Hope you took pics of the deer so we can compare to those down here in SC.

    • Nope. No pictures. I tried to grab one on my phone, but it ended up being really blurry.

      I did get to see Canada today though! I crossed from NY into VT today at the very top. There was a sign that said “Vermont to the right, Canada straight ahead.” I didn’t go in, but I saw it!

  2. MomMom says:

    Bears love folks who camp out in tents and bring food!! Practice playing dead…..they say that helps when bears decide to have dinner and spend the night!! Be careful…..very, very, very careful!! And have fun!! And we love you!!!

    • So far, so good! The food I’ve got stays in the truck for that reason alone. I’m still having a good time though! Trying to make it to the eastern part of New Hampshire today or maybe Maine!

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