Poptarts in bed

Well the weekend of my trip is drawing to a close.  And now, I’m left feeling like I need a goal to accomplish, a place to reach, someone to see… Training wheels are off and the big boy trip starts today.

I’d be lying if I said a big piece of me isn’t sad. For a number of reasons.

Friday was okay. I saw Maryland’s stadium in College Park, MD. I learned to hate the traffic between Washington DC and Baltimore. I figured out how to navigate the Baltimore airport, which is trickier than it seems, given the fact it’s not a huge place. Later that night, Baltimore called my name. The original plan was to maybe take in a game sometime this weekend, possibly check out the aquarium, and do a ghost tour. Which is why it’s the original plan and not what actually happened! (If there’s anything you need to learn from this blog… that’s the main sticking point). The harbor was walked, Little Italy was put in some bellies for dinner, the bar/club scene was glanced at and quickly put in rearview mirrors, and many ice cream places were passed up, despite the amazing smell of waffle cones. The night ended camped out on a bench overlooking the harbor. Relaxing’s about all I got to describe that one.

Saturday was…unique. Jon (my cousin) & Sara’s wedding was at 2:10, but the Clemson game started at 12:00. So our group did what any rational person would do… dressed up for a wedding and hit an Irish Pub close to the church to partake in drinks and appetizers. To make a long story short, we watched Clemson struggle against Miami and pregamed for the wedding. The wedding was interesting. There were a bunch of things I’d never seen done at other weddings. Not to say they were bad, just unique to observe. After the wedding, I took a detour to see Navy’s stadium. There was some high school band competition going on, I think. So I passed on being sketchy and taking pictures of high school kids while I was dressed up for a wedding and headed to the reception – fashionably late, of course. It was at a museum, but far too small for the number of people initially there. They were trying to give swing lessons on the dance floor and there wasn’t any room to breathe. So hot. The actual downtown part of Annapolis was had after that. The group meandered and had a pretty good time. The city’s very cool. It has a historic feel like Charleston, with the sea, port-town feel of a New England city. Back to Linthicum Heights for some quality hang time with people and some intake of football games.

Sunday was originally planned for DC (see the Friday paragraph for standard outcome of “original plans”), but got changed when brunch with my dad stretched for 3 hours from 11 – 2. It was a good visit though. I showed him some pictures from my trip and wound up getting an amazing awkward-yet-funny story out of it (thanks housekeeping!). But since it was late in the afternoon and going to be an early night, DC was nixed for a calm, relaxed day in the area. Case 39 took up part of the afternoon. It was good for a cheap scare, until the end. Absolutely terrible. But good times were had, so that trumps the movie. Good dinner and talks rounded out the night.

So here I am on this lovely, rainy Monday morning with no where specific to be and no end goal in sight. A little overwhelming, but it’s what I asked for. I’m going to try and take in Rutgers’ stadium in Piscataway, NJ and make it to NY to do some camping. I’ll try and make it to Maine and swing back down through Boston and the surrounding states. From there, who knows. Maybe the Midwest, but some reports from the wedding said it’s about time for snow to start kicking in and that worries me a little. The later this trip gets, the fewer states I think I might be able to see because of the weather. I might just have to quit my next job and travel those states 🙂

And that’s that. It was an amazing weekend – two thumbs (toes?) up! I learned a lot of new things about myself, the area, and the people I was with. It also confirmed a lot of suspicions I had coming into it. I’ve got a long way to go though. It’s intense when you’ve got full control of where your life heads instead of just having several options to pick from. Slowly, but surely, I’m getting there.

Thanks, again, for reading and following along! And thank you for the weekend.

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2 Responses to Poptarts in bed

  1. Rena Jarvis says:

    I hope you enjoyed my old stomping ground (Annapolis). Navy’s stadium is small but nice to enjoy a game in. Go Navy! Be careful up north, its starting to get cold up there.

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