Pit stop on Tobacco Road

So something happened tonight…plans changed.

Crazy, right? That’s never happened before on this trip!

Which leaves me here, in Raleigh, NC, crashing at Tara’s apartment with her and my brother. I didn’t know he was going to be up here the week before Baltimore and I had planned to camp in Umstead State Park – even made the reservations and paid the $20. Then Stephen and Tara invited me to dinner. So when I ran by to set up shop in the park, they said that they close the gates at 8pm and the only options were to park at the tent site, be picked up, then hike back from the main gate or park on the main highway and hike back with your car out there all night. Um, yeah… no thanks! Hello Tara’s couch, goodbye $20.

Everything’s been good so far though.

  • Harrison, TN was good. The lady working the counter had Clemson season football tickets, so we had a long, good chat about that. I caught the SC/Auburn game at a local Buffalo Wild Wing. Intense being there with a UFC pay per view crowd.
  • Duffield, VA was a little disappointing. It was foggy and rainy the whole time I was there, so I never got a chance to go wandering the natural tunnel.
  • Stuart, VA was interesting for the sheer fact that I got there at 3pm, didn’t have cell service, and my phone was blowing up this morning from my buddy at work who hadn’t heard from me since yesterday. Worse than my momma! It made for a long day. I went walking, thinking, and picture-taking. Then got caught in a monsoon on the way back. And spent the afternoon & evening reading in my truck

With North Carolina being crossed off the list today, I’ve now been in 11 states. Only 37 more to go, right? The northeast states should go by a bit faster since they’re small and close together. Mainly, they’re just not Florida and a million miles long. I also crossed off Wake Forest, UNC, and Duke today from campuses and stadiums visited. NC State’s on the slate for tomorrow. No idea where I stand on the number of schools I’ve been to – I lost count a long time ago. But it’s well over 20 by now. It’s good to have goals!

And I’m out of ideas to ramble on about. So when all else fails, here are some pictures! The first two are from Ruby Falls in Chattanooga, TN. The second two are from Fairy Stone State Park before I got soaked by the rain.

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