Going off the grid

Yesterday was a good day.

  • I got to leave a Motel 6 in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. Sketchiest. Place. Ever.
  • I had no intentions of really spending time in Memphis. Until I hit the Tennessee Welcome Center. Those brochures & pamphlets get you every time!
  • I went to the zoo (I jokingly told someone that every day is better with exotic animals…but I’m starting to believe it). It was rated the #1 zoo in the country by TripAdvisor.com. And I’d believe it. Very nice!
  • I snuck into Memphis’ stadium, got some pictures, and got a restaurant recommendation from one of the guy’s who told me I was on my own if I got caught in the stadium
  • I ate lunch at Central BBQ. Very good!
  • I got to drive with my windows down and music up all day
  • Phone conversations & plane tickets!
  • Since I was in such a good mood, I made it all the way to Nashville, TN for the night. Hard to think that I was in Texas two nights ago. Or Auburn a week ago. Or the Keys two weeks ago, for that matter

So here I am! In Music City! I don’t plan on stopping here for too long, but I did get a chance to route my trip out for the next week. Hopefully, this is my last hotel stop until Baltimore. Oddly enough, I’m missing camping and setting up a tent and everything that goes along with sleeping outside. I got into a routine and the last week has kind of thrown that off (but some things in a good way).

For those curious enough to follow me:

  • Tonight will be in Harrison, TN. I still have to call to make sure I can get a spot, but there are several parks down around Chattanooga, so I should be good
  • Sunday will be in Duffield, VA. There’s a tunnel at that state park! I’m excited!
  • Monday’s in Stuart, VA. I’ll be heading up to Blacksburg, then back down here. A little backtracking, but not much
  • Tuesday’s in Raleigh, NC at W.B. Umstead state park. I’ve heard good things, so that should be pretty painless
  • Hopefully Wednesday is in Chesterfield, VA with an old, old college friend from Lander. Answer me back!
  • Thursday, I’ll stop in Bentonville, VA so I can go through Charlottesville to see UVA’s campus and Harrisonburg, to see JMU’s campus. Because I’m a sucker. Then the campsite is on the Shenandoah River! On the last day of September, so it should be a little cooler and amazing!
  • And finally, Friday, I pull into Baltimore for my cousin’s wedding. Maybe a walk & ghost tour or something equally as interesting that night. The wedding and shenanigans on Saturday. And I think I might be heading down to Washington, DC on Sunday since I’m skipping that the week before.

Phew! That about has everything covered, at least for a week. But if I’ve learned anything on this trip, it’s that plans will change, regardless of what’s down on paper. And so far, I think I’ve been handling the changes fairly well – especially in the last week. So I’m learning!

Because I’m camping every night, it also might be awhile before another entry is added. They’re short travel days, so I might crash a Barnes & Noble or fast food place for some WiFi hotspot action, but no promises! My twitter & facebook page will be updated though, so feel free to keep up with those. My twitter feed (that just sounds dirty) should have pictures too! So be on the lookout for those!

Thanks again for following! And until next time…enjoy your day jobs 🙂

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One Response to Going off the grid

  1. Wow – lots of Virginia time. So you’re becoming an outdoorsman, huh? Cool. The weather ought to be good for that now. Keep Tweeting!

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