And the rollercoaster continues…

I’m in Fort Worth, Texas munching on some delicious hotel bagels, as we speak! The story of how I got here is a hot mess though!

When I left the great LaGrange, Georgia, the plan was to camp in Mississippi a night, Louisiana a night, and make it to College Station, Texas to visit my buddy for Tuesday and Wednesday. So I got in touch with her and she proceeded to tell me that she was going to be in Houston for a concert on Tuesday night and had a double date she couldn’t reschedule on Wednesday night… but Monday night was open, if I wanted to break my neck getting there!

So what does a kid with no schedule or place to stay do? Break his neck (and almost my truck), of course!

I managed to make it all the way across Alabama, Mississippi, and half of Louisiana Sunday and spent the night outside of Baton Rouge, I believe. Over 440 miles. Not fun. Monday only got better me to College Station. I stopped to see LSU’s stadium and live tiger exhibit (very cool!) and then Louisiana-Lafayette’s stadium and campus. (Note to Louisiana – Fix your roads. Now. Just stop what you’re doing, tear up all of the old ones, and just start over.) I had every intention of going by Houston’s stadium too until my right front tire completely shredded and blew up on me. On I-10. At the exit to get to downtown Houston where the interstate forks. During rush hour. So after 400+ miles, a lesson in changing tires in rush hour in a huge city, and another hour and a half driving, I pulled into College Station and was ready to give up on my trip, life, anything. If I could give it up, I was willing to do it.

But my visit in College Station was good! I hadn’t seen my buddy since 2007 (odd how time disappears), so it was good catching up. We grabbed some pizza and ice cream with her boyfriend Monday night, I got my tire replaced Tuesday morning, she showed me around Kyle Field at Texas A&M at lunch, and she came back early so we could head to Houston (this trip went MUCH better) to see the Dirty Heads (Believe is a very cool song) and OAR. Not really my cup of tea, musically, but I had a good time! They put on a good show though, which is all that counts!

Wednesday, I said my goodbyes and thank yous for letting me crash an apartment and headed out. The original plan was to head to Arkansas and start back east, but some issues came up with getting back to Baltimore for the wedding I’m trying to make. So with another last minute decision, I headed west to Austin to see their stadium. Then through Waco to see Baylor. And finally I wound up in Fort Worth in a motel. After some rerouting and talking, the wedding’s back on (you’d think I’d learn to keep a plan for more than 24 hours on this trip 🙂 ). So I’ll be trying to see TCU’s campus, and maybe North Texas in Denton, before heading east through Arkansas. Trying to camp tonight, but no reservations anywhere…so bring on the adventures!

Here are some pictures from what I’m seeing along the way! Tiger Stadium (LSU’s home), the biggest video display I’ve ever seen (Texas’ home), and an impressive facade, given the school (Baylor’s home).

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