We take a break from our regularly scheduled programming

Writing from the metropolis of Lagrange, Georgia right now. I met up with my brother, his girlfriend, and an old college friend for the weekend so that we could go to the game disappointment that is turning into our annual Clemson game road trip. Things didn’t work so well when we went to see the Alabama game in 2008, Gator Bowl in 2009, or ACC Championship game in 2009. So why we thought this one would turn out any different is beyond me. Despite the complete disappointment of the gameday experience the Auburn campus and fanbase provided (I’m totally unimpressed for an SEC school), I’m moving on!

I did get a chance to go through Mississippi’s campus (and have some amazing BBQ in Oxford) on Thursday and see Mississippi State’s and Alabama’s on Friday. And with Auburn on Saturday, I knocked out a third of the SEC schools in 3 days. Combine that with South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, I’m over halfway done with that conference.

Tonight, I might be heading back into the southern part of Mississippi. I’m still trying to line that one up since I don’t have reservations. Worst case scenario is I grab a hotel room. I was partly planning on that anyways given how last night went and that I’m trying to make it to east Texas to see a friend in College Station. And then back up to Baltimore in under two weeks. Here’s to adventures, right? Until next time!

Here’s proof everyone gets lucky with an amazing shot when you’ve got a digital SLR camera (taken in Town Creek Campground in West Point, MS). And the fake Tillman Hall from Auburn’s campus.

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