Good Riddance, Florida!


That’s the number of nights I spent in Florida. Stops were had in Orlando, Marathon, Naples, Tierra Verde, Madison, and Pensacola.

With the exception of Orlando and Naples (which were either spent in a house or hotel), every night was absolutely miserable to be sleeping outside in a tent. I understand it’s not going to be 50 degrees with a cool mountain breeze. But come on Florida, get it together. It’s the middle of September. It’s time to drop the high 90s, 60%+ humidity days and nights. That’s why I’m going to be hard pressed to ever visit you again. You can keep your Mouse and your Keys. I’ll take my toys and go play elsewhere.

I spent approximately 15 seconds in Alabama as I made my way from Pensacola, Florida to Hattiesburg, Mississippi. I know I probably won’t wind up in the deep south once my trip comes to an end, but there’s just something that oozes “home” driving through Alabama and Mississippi that Florida can’t compare to. It’s a comfort feeling. And it’s good to have that back. I pretty much just have driving left today, as I just finished grabbing lunch after checking out Southern Miss University’s campus and stadium. I really liked their setup. Very small town feel. It’d be damn near impossible, but I see these stadiums and wish I could catch a game in all of them to see what kind of atmosphere each one provides.

And off I go! Morton, Mississippi tonight. Oxford and maybe Starkville tomorrow with my night in West Point.

Here’s a picture of one of the ponds in Big Lagoon State Park, where I stayed in Pensacola. It was nasty hot since it was on the beach, but it was an amazingly peaceful place. A good walk was had.

P.S. I owe you dinner in 15!

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6 Responses to Good Riddance, Florida!

  1. MomMom says:

    Haven’t I told you how great Mississippi was? Hattiesburg is a great town. Also should’a stopped in Vicksburg or Jackson…eaten fried catfish and fried dill pickles..ain’t nothin no better. Should’a crossed the Mississippi River Bridge at Natchez or Vicksburg….a sight to behold! While you were in Starkville/West Point area, should’a had lunch at the Mexican Kitchen in Columbus…..and you missed a bet by not visiting Mississippi University for Women (oldest wonen’s college in the country) AND the best looking girls on the planet…and they know how to drawl so sweetly they can melt your heart away. While you are trying to find yourself on this exciting journey, you might keep them eyes open to finding something else!! Good looking, smart, and sweet girls are hard to come by….but Mississippi’s got a ton of ’em!
    Stay safe, love you, and have fun!

    • It’s good hearing from you, MomMom! I didn’t go as far west (yet) as Vicksburg or Jackson…so there’s still a possibility of those! I did Starkville this morning, so a bit too early for lunch. I was in and out by 10 AM. I loved it though! Thanks for checking in!

  2. Lisa and Ethan says:

    Hi Nanu,

    How about a virtual map with a timeline of pin points for all your locations on your blog site or Twitter?

    Aunt Lisa and Ethan

  3. donna rogers says:

    just read your post about Florida – you don’t visit here in the summer, silly! (and this year it seemed to last into Sept.) november thru april is best. And if you do ever return, go on a snorkeling trip in Key Largo if it gets too warm! Beautiful underwater park.

    • I definitely know that now. My original plan was to head into the Northeast when I kicked my trip off and back through the Southern states at the end, but the wedding I had to make in Baltimore threw that off completely.

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