Sightseeing in a Florida Subway

I figured I’d update when I got the chance…which means I’m coming to you today from the inside of a Subway in Madison, Florida.

If that’s not weird enough, I’m staying in Jellystone Park tonight. Yes, it’s a Yogi Bear-themed campground. And no, I’m not ashamed. No promises that answer won’t change by the morning though…

Yesterday was amazing, for the most part. I started the day at the Naples Zoo. It was no Riverbanks, but it wasn’t bad. A lot of their exhibits had chain link fence set up around them, so it made for some rough picture-taking. But it was a good few hours spent. I spent the night in Fort Desoto outside of St. Petersburg, Florida. If it weren’t incredibly humid, this place would have been amazing. I spent the afternoon at the fort and wandering around one of their fishing piers and the beaches that were on the Bay. Very nice beaches! There were dolphins everywhere too! And they lined up for some of the pictures of the sunset I was able to get. Definitely the best day I’ve had so far!

It looks like tomorrow will put me outside of Pensacola, Florida. I had originally planned on turning north, through Alabama, but Stephen called me yesterday asking if I wanted to go to the Clemson vs. Auburn game this weekend. So I’m struggling to find a way to kill 4 days without winding up too far west or north so that I can’t get back to Auburn by Saturday night. The joys of traveling without any plans, right? Combined with the joys of having a brother who makes last minute plans.

And finally… I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

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