Up and down, up and down

This trip’s turning into the biggest roller coaster ride of my life! I’ve never been involved in anything where emotions can swing so high to so low and back to so high in a matter of hours or minutes. It’s a trying trip but that’s why I took it – to experience and see new things!

In the last 48 hours, I’ve:

  • Played in 86 degree water in West Palm Beach
  • Set my tent up in the rain in Marathon, FL in the Keys
  • Experienced humidity that was borderline nauseating
  • Walked in the Atlantic Ocean & Gulf of Mexico within 5 minutes of each other
  • Eaten key lime pie at The Blond Giraffe with two lesbians
  • Drove through the Everglades with alligators clearly visible in the canal that ran parallel to the road

I’m glad I went to Key West to experience it, but the experience wasn’t great at all. The weather was nasty hot and it showered off and on the whole time I was there. And the city itself just wasn’t my scene. I think it’s all just boiling down to me being ready to leave the state of Florida. I should have two more nights though – outside of Tampa tonight on the beach (!!!) and tomorrow night maybe outside of Tallahassee? I’m still working on that one.

I feel like I’ve just rambled in my two posts so far, as I’m still looking for a voice, theme, or direction to take this blog along the way (thanks for pointing out it’s lacking my wit, Momma!). It’s a lot harder than I thought keeping up with a blog, a handwritten journal, twitter, and facebook! So leave a comment if there’s something you’d like to hear about or see in future entries! I’m more than welcome to any ideas!

Go Tigers!

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6 Responses to Up and down, up and down

  1. That’s what momma’s are for, sweetie. You ought to send your pic to Clemson World magazine, where they show where Tigers have been in the world. Got a tiger rag?

  2. Lisa and Ethan says:

    Hi Nanu,
    We think your posts are great! More pics would be good although that probably adds to the time constraint problem!

    Where are you heading after Florida? Keep your eye on the weather, there are a few hurricanes brewing and aiming for the East Coast.

    Aunt Lisa and Etha

  3. Lisa and Ethan says:

    P.S. We just enlarged your pic. You might want to ‘theme’ on the public showers in Florida today!! (grin)

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