Come To My Senses: June 22

  • Sight: I went Clemson for Father’s Day, so obviously I got to see my dad. But I also got to visit with some extended family on my step mom’s side. [Step] Grandparents from Clemson. A [step] aunt from Atlanta. A whole passel of [step] New Mexicans. Whatever the husband of a [step] cousin is? Maybe that’s just another cousin? Either way, it was good to see some people I don’t get to visit with that regularly.
  • Sound: I got a random text from my brother this week, asking when The Band Perry turned into a Taylor Swift wannabe. Having no clue what he was talking about, I hit up the Youtubes and stumbled over this little gem from 2017 that I somehow missed. And unlike my brother, if The Band Perry wants to get stuck on the bridge between country and pop, I’m 100% here for it. I love this song.
Who knows what we’re missing
It’s our world, it’s our business
Here I am, I’m with you on a mission
  • Taste: I feel like I need a way to spice up this bullet point. Or branch out a little more. Saturday, I made a couple batches of cookies for the Clemson trip. The strawberry banana shortcake recipe was a new one. I wasn’t a huge fan. They’re awful after a day or two, so doubtful that makes its way into the rotation. The double chocolate recipe was a familiar one and was a hit, as always. The dad, step mom, and I hit up Outback on Sunday for Father’s Day. I went with the Victoria Filet and mashed potatoes. I skipped out on Lunch Roulette [because of meetings] and JJ’s [because I don’t want to be fat] on Tuesday. Insert shocked baby face gif here. But then I went to JJ’s on Wednesday. Because maybe being fat isn’t that bad. Finally, on Thursday, I switched it up and went to Just Fresh for a chicken Caesar wrap and strawberry banana smoothie. Damn hippie!

    Just kidding. It was probably full of sugar.
  • Feel: Hot. So, so hot! It started cracking 95+ degrees this week. I know summer’s just starting and it’s going to get worse. But just let me have it, this week. Part of it is that I hate being cooped up at work all day, so I try to grab lunch outside to take a walk every day. Part of it is that I have long hair in the summer. Part of it is just because I’m a whiner. Either way, I hate the heat.

It’s a lay-low kind of weekend. I’m working from home today [praise hands emoji], so hopefully that sets up for a quiet start to the weekend. Be smart. Be safe. Don’t do drugs. Enjoy your weekend.

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Come To My Senses: June 15

  • Sight: Styx and Joan Jett! A coworker has a friend who works at PNC Music Pavilion. Every now and then, shows come along where they need seat fillers. So I snagged two tickets for Wednesday’s show to go relive the 80s. It was such a good time! Joan Jett crushed it for being a 59 year old rock grandma. Styx was a pure 80s rock show. The people watching was amazing. The company was excellent. Just a good all around time!
  • Sound: I tried and tried to find a song from the concert. If I see someone live, I like to give them an extra little shout out for the week. I scoured both Joan Jett’s and Styx’s setlist twice through and couldn’t find anything that resonated. So I’m falling back into my reliable, comfort zone.
One more call
It’s one more “Whatcha doin’ right now?”
It’s one more trip to my side of town and you walk right in
One more here we go again
  • Taste: Before I look and tally up the places I ate this week, I’m pretty sure we’ve got a fat week on our hands. I snagged some Cookout and Bojangles last weekend. Monday was supposed to be lunch at home but an old coworker hit me up with the “JJs?” text around noon. And I’m not turning down a hot dog! It wasn’t the Uptown location, so I went with the Whistle Pig. Tuesday’s Roulette trip took us to Sauceman’s for the 2nd best BBQ in Charlotte. They have fried corn on the cob though and it’s ridiculously good. Wednesday was back at JJ’s. No worries though… it was the Uptown location, so obviously the Uptown Downtown was on the menu. Dinner was Chick Fil A before the concert. And I was exhausted Thursday night, so I went with some Papa John’s. Probably need to cut back. Maybe…
  • Feel: Nerdin’ out! I took Monday off so I could catch the E3 press conferences. I was explaining to a friend that I have three Christmases a year. First up is National Signing Day in February (and December for the first time last year) for football. Second is E3 where new games are announced and shown off for the next couple of years. Last but not least is… actual Christmas? Anthem‘s supposed to come out in February. The next Halo game (Halo Infinite) was announced but not given a release date. The Division 2 was given a location, release date, and gameplay trailer. Shadow of the Tomb Raider‘s out in September. Cuphead‘s getting DLC. Gears of War 5 was announced. CyberPunk 2077 had a trailer. The Last of Us Part II‘s reveal trailer was incredible with how realistic they made the cutscenes. I could go on for hours.

Looks like it’s another quiet-ish weekend. I’m getting back in the baking game on Saturday. Then heading to Clemson for the afternoon on Sunday for good ol’ Father’s Day.

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Come To My Senses: June 8

  • Sight: Baby koala! I went to Riverbanks Zoo this past weekend, even though it was one billion degrees in Columbia. It’s the first time I’ve been in awhile, so it was good to get back. The baby koala was snuggling with Momma koala in the outdoor exhibit and it was super cute. Then, during the gorilla demonstration, they said that one of the female gorillas was pregnant and due any day. Turns out they weren’t lying… “any day” was 36 hours after I was there and there’s a baby gorilla in Columbia now! It’s hidden away, along with the baby lions, but one day I’ll get back to see it!
  • Sound: Was feeling pretty late 90’s, early 00’s but I didn’t want to roll up this week with something pop-y like the Backstreet Boys or something rock-y like the Foo Fighters. And let’s be honest… I totally rocked the late high school crush on Vanessa Carlton. Then all my dreams came crashing down when I realized she was dating Stephan Jenkins from Third Eye Blind, who I clearly didn’t like at the time. Obviously.
It’s always times like these when I think of you
And I wonder if you ever think of me
  • Taste: Friday was Holler & Dash for a “Last Day at Work” lunch for a friend at my old company. If you’re doing anything but the Chicken. Set. Go there, you’re doing it wrong. Saturday morning breakfast was Chick Fil A on the way to Columbia. Just a regular chicken biscuit combo, of course. Late lunch/early dinner after the zoo was Monterrey’s in Columbia because I was craving some Mexican. Roulette sent me out to Mr. G’s by the airport where I crushed two hotdogs. Thursday lunch was Rhino Market with one of my marketing partners in town from Detroit. And somehow, I managed to skip a JJ’s trip this week! For shame!
  • Feel: Comfortable. I like where things are right now. My job’s a little crazy sometimes but I love the people I work with. We went to a baseball game Tuesday night, had a bridal shower happy hour on Wednesday for a girl on our team, and had a Mortgage marketing happy hour Thursday just to bond over beer, Cheerwine, and Jenga. I’m slowly getting back into running to get ready for my 4 mile July 4th race. The medals look AMAZING. The dogs have been relatively tame. I have pretty amazing curtains in my living room. There’s a secret going well. I paid off all of my credit card debt way early. Just keep it coming, world.

First weekend in Charlotte since… Mother’s Day forever. I’m Columbia’d out for a weekend or two. I’m going to enjoy my weekend at home binging Mad Men and geeking out on E3 video game news. So you make sure to enjoy yours!

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Come To My Senses: June 1

  • Sight: I started playing South Park: The Fractured But Whole (get it? get it?!?!) this past weekend. I’m so far out of the South Park loop that a lot of the references are lost on me. But the first game was good and this one was on sale when I picked it up, so why not? It’s fun. Nothing earth shattering or amazing. It’s worth using to pass the time while I find a new show to binge through. Other than that, I’ve got nothing better for ya!
  • Sound: Already gave ya a heads up that this was going to be my boys, Good Charlotte! I’m a big fan of this song. Huge fan. Ever since GC came back in 2016, they’ve shifted back towards their original sound that blew them up in the first place. And I’m here for all of that!
All this pain I feel
that’s tearing me apart
is what makes you real
deep inside my heart
  • Taste: The long weekend in Chapin was full of good eats! It’s not a trip home without a stop at El Marko’s. Sunday morning, I secretly snuck off to Devine Cinnamon Roll Deli. I had the Big Max (which is really just a fancy way to say bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich) that I mistakenly got on rye instead of a bagel and followed it up with an Apple Cobbler cinnamon roll that was MUCH bigger than I was expecting. Sunday dinner was Domino’s for helping the brother with his deck. Tuesday was a trip to Brook’s for Roulette. It’s always a good week when the wheel lands on Brook’s! Wednesday was the usual JJ’s run. And I finished the week out with a Cookout run. They got my shake right this week. Jerks.
  • Feel: Excited. I’m planning a Riverbanks Zoo trip this weekend and I’m silly excited for it. I don’t think I’ve been since February 2016, which is far too long in between visits. They have baby lions (but they aren’t out for the public yet) and a baby koala (that is!)! When I was traveling around the country and I was having a bad day, I’d find the nearest zoo to help turn my day around. Saturday will be a good day.

It’s June, which is another month closer to football season. Lunch today will be at Holler & Dash for a going-away lunch for a friend. It’s payday. The zoo is this weekend. Not too shabby, my friends.

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Come To My Senses: May 25

  • Sight: I’ve been binging Silicon Valley on HBO and finally wrapped that up this week. It’s an excellent show. It’s like the coding/app spin on Big Bang Theory… if Big Bang Theory were funny. It also took me like three full seasons to realize that the lead in the show is Verizon’s spokesman now. Whoops? But real talk? Gilfoyle is the best character in the show. Hands down. Don’t @ me.
  • Sound: Yo! New As It Is this week without much of a heads up! I’m down for that. I’m also down for the 2005 pop-punk/screamo vibe going on. That’s my sweet spot I like to settle into. Spoilers for next week… Good Charlotte signed with BMG for a new release later this year. And they’ve been teasing today’s date for what can only be dropping a new single. I’m on board.
We’re pointing the finger that’s pulling the trigger
And in case you haven’t heard
We’re all to blame for the wounded world
  • Taste: I’ve got amazing/embarrassing news. I was invited by a couple of coworkers to lunch on Friday… where we wound up at JJ’s. That’s three out of five days. And one of those two, I took off of work! I took a top secret trip to Columbia Saturday for lunch at Southern Belly BBQ. I went with the Django which wound up being a delicious but unexpected mess. Good times! The rest of the week, I did pretty well. One trip to JJ’s in what’s becoming a pretty regular tradition with a couple of good coworkers. And a dinner stop at Cookout on Wednesday night. I passed up the usual Oreo Mint milkshake for a Reese’s Cup one, only to not realize until I got home that they gave me a Heath Toffee one. Who orders that garbage? That’ll teach me to zag when I should have zigged.
  • Feel: Comfortable. There’s something brewing that’s been fun. It’s gotta stew and simmer and bake a little longer before it makes its way into the blog-o-world. But it’s making me super comfortable and I’m really enjoying it.

And just like that, Memorial Day snuck up on me. For the third straight weekend, I’m making the pilgrimage to the land of the chickens (both literally – at my mom’s house – and figuratively – for South Carolina’s mascot). It’s unofficially summer, guys and gals! Be safe out there.

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Come To My Senses: May 18

  • Sight: Marse, the chocolate lab! My brother and sister in law joined the pet owners club on Saturday. He’s a lil chunkster. But the couple of hours I got to spend around him seem to indicate he’s got a good personality. He hates the heat [don’t we all, kid?]. And all of the other pups seemed to get along fine at first introduction. This will be fun!

  • Sound: Crushing some 80s this week! And let’s be honest… it’s a bit of a shame that Fleetwood hasn’t made the blog cut until now. I’m also a big fan of Paramore’s cover.
C’mon baby
We better make a start
You better make it soon before you break my heart
  • Taste: Chapin trips always include a stop at El Marko’s! Sunday was Bojangles on the boat for Momma’s Day. Tuesday was a solo JJ’s run. Wednesday was a mental health day and I took San Francisco Salt Lake City San Diego to Bang Bang Burgers because it’s apparently gluten & dairy free, in addition to being delicious. Thursday was a JJ’s run with the coworkers. And…. that’s it. I feel like it was a good-ish week.
  • Feel: Optimistic!

I’ve got top secret, out of town plans this weekend, so I’m laying a little low at the end of the blog. Enjoy your weekend!

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Come To My Senses: May 11

  • Sight: A Quiet Place. Another week, another movie. This one wasn’t QUITE as good as Infinity War but it was decently entertaining. I stand by my idea that it’s essentially a 2018 version of M. Night Shyamalan’s Signs. John Krasinski is turning into quite the big wig since his time on The Office.
  • Sound: It’s been one of those weeks where I want to shake some people and tell them to get it together. But I’m going to let Jo Dee Messina do my speaking for me this week. Also… I love how “early 2000’s but still stuck in the late 90’s” this video is.

That’s the way it is
You gotta roll with the punches
That’s the way it goes
You gotta bend when the wind blows
You live you learn
You crash and burn
It’s hit or miss
And that’s the way it is

  • Taste: I thought I slowed down a bit after last week’s fat-a-palooza. But maybe I’m just kidding myself at this point. We passed up another Shake Shack attempt because of how crowded it still was, so Friday’s lunch was at Brazwell’s. The service was awful but the company was good. I grabbed a late breakfast from Bojangles down the street Saturday [Cajun filet biscuit combo… obviously]. Monday’s dinner before the movie was Chick Fil A. Their Frosted Sunrise is for real. Tuesday’s Roulette trip was to Bang Bang Burger. If there’s one adult lesson I’ve learned that’s more important than all others… it’s that pimento cheese on a burger is ALWAYS the right choice. Wednesday was the weekly JJ’s trip for the usual Uptown Downtown. And I crushed some Cookout last night for dinner. How I’m not 300 pounds is nothing short of a Christmas miracle.
  • Feel: Thumper-esque. I’m sitting this one out.

I had plans last weekend that revolved around a hose bib, my fence, and patio furniture. So obviously, I spent the weekend painting the floor of my garage. Houses are still dumb.

Chapin calls this weekend. Grabbing some ‘Markos Friday night, lunch with my grandparents Saturday, and some Momma’s Day festivities sprinkled in there. Oh yeah… and meeting a NEW PUPPY ADDITION!

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